Monday, 29 April 2013

Friday 31 May — Global day of Solidarity

Our campaign is calling for a day of Solidarity on Friday 31 May. We are inviting groups around the world to organise protests, cultural events, and other symbolic actions in public squares and in front of Syrian embassies as well as online.

Our groups in different countries will choose the most effective strategies to support the Syrian revolution and remind the world that:

1) The massacre of the Syrian people must stop now!
2) Assad must step down and be brought to justice.
3) All countries or groups must end all financial and military support to the Syrian Regime.
4) All Syrian embassies must be closed down. Complicity with the regime must not be tolerated.
5) The Syrian representative must be expelled from the United Nations.
6) Aid must be sent to all Syrian refugees and internally displaced.

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